When it became clear the coronavirus was a serious threat to public health in the U.S., OSU established a Coronavirus Steering Committee to assist with considering implications of the virus within Oregon State University and to help guide the university’s virus response. With the expanded emergence of the spread of COVID-19, and the need for the university to manage increasingly operations delivered through remote means and social distancing, the Coronavirus Steering Committee has been reformed into the Continuity Management Team.

The Continuity Management Team will continue to advise the university’s COVID-19 response leadership, including OSU’s standing Immediate Response Group (IRG). The IRG is responsible for guiding the university’s response to emergency and emergent matters, and advises OSU President Ray on immediate matters of policy, executive communications, and response during times such as these.  For more information on the IRG, please visit this webpage.

Membership of the Continuity Management Team members, includes:

  • Dan Larson, Vice Provost Student Affairs/OSU Coronavirus Response Coordinator
  • Mike Bamberger, Emergency Preparedness Manager
  • Steve Clark, Vice President University Relations and Marketing
  • Dave Craig, Director, Business Development and Assessment
  • Cathy Hasenpflug, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Jenny Haubenreiser, Associate Vice Provost for Health & Well Being & Executive Director, Student Health Services
  • Annie Heck, Associate Vice President University Relations and Marketing
  • Paul Odenthal, Senior Associate Vice President for Administration
  • Julie Penry, Assistant General Counsel
  • Dwaine Plaza, Faculty Senate President
  • Kendra Sharp, Senior Adviser to the Provost for International Affairs
  • Kelly Sparks, Associate Vice President, Finance & Strategic Planning, OSU-Cascades
  • Brian Stroup, Associate Director University Housing & Dining Services
  • Alix Gitelman - Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Andrea Ballinger - Vice Provost for Information and Technology
  • Heather Horn - Associate Vice Provost and Senior Director Employee and Labor Relations
  • Rebecca Mathern - Associate Provost and University Registrar
  • Tuba Ozkan-Haller - Associate Vice President for Research Administration and Development
  • Anita Azarenko, Interim Vice Provost for Outreach & Engagement
  • Heidi Sann, Associate Vice President, Finance and Controller