COVID-19 Dashboard

OSU is committed to contribute to the health of its students, employees and neighbors, and advances wellness by supporting public health measures like vaccinations by all, wearing face coverings, testing, and careful management of OSU gatherings, activities and events. OSU’s vaccination requirement program is part of the university’s Pathway to Fall plan. This dashboard reports participation in the vaccination program.

OSU’s vaccine program requires that all students and employees who learn, work or engage with others in-person during classes or activities are compliant with the university’s vaccination program by Sept. 16, 2021.

Student Vaccination Program

Includes all undergraduate and graduate students attending OSU on its campuses in Corvallis and Bend, at the OSU Portland Center and Hatfield Marine Science Center, and within OSU courses held at Eastern Oregon University in LaGrande. The student number may vary as enrollment changes. Fall term enrollment is final after Oct. 17.

 Updated September 17


Percent of Students to Date Complying with Vaccination Program


Percent of Students Complying with Vaccination Program Who Are Vaccinated

Faculty and Staff Vaccination Program

OSU’s employee vaccination reporting program was launched Monday afternoon, Aug. 23. This report includes all faculty and staff employed at all OSU campuses and locations. Graduate research and teaching assistants are included in the dashboard’s student total.

Updated September 17


Total Faculty and Staff Required to Comply with Vaccination Program


Completed the Vaccination Program Reporting Requirement


Percent Vaccinated of Those Reporting