How is Facilities Services responding to the COVID-19 situation on the Corvallis campus?

Enhanced touchpoint cleaning is taking place using a disinfectant that is effective on human coronavirus. Touchpoints include door knobs and handles, faucet handles, soap dispenser levers, paper towel dispenser controls, elevator button panels and light switches. This enhanced cleaning will continue throughout the period of time that is indicated by local health authorities.

Additional measures on the Corvallis campus include:

  • Sterilizing classrooms, including a thorough cleaning of all tables and chairs.
  • Cleaning interior windows and floors.
  • Activating faucets and eye wash stations in campus buildings to keep fresh water running through pipes.
  • Assisting the Department of Public Safety by looking for open windows or signs of a break in and locking office and other secure entryways that may have been left open.

For more information, contact the Work Coordination Center at 541-737-2969 or Joe Majeski, facilities director, at 541-737-7646; work orders can be placed by visiting

Last Modified: 
March 31, 2020