Does this expansion of FMLA provide for additional weeks of FMLA leave?

The expansion has not created a new 12-week bucket of FMLA leave. An employee is eligible for a total of 12 work weeks for standard FMLA, Expanded FMLA, or some combination of the two. FMLA leave is still defined at OSU as a total of 12 weeks in the prior 12-month period. OSU has designated the “rolling backward” method to determine the leave year. This means that OSU will look backward on the calendar for one year from the first day of your requested leave to determine if you are eligible under FMLA and how much leave you have available to use. You are entitled to use any balance (or number of hours) of the 12-workweek FMLA leave period that has not been used during the preceding 12 months, whether for standard FMLA leave or Expanded FMLA leave.

Last Modified: 
April 10, 2020