What do I do if an employee who reports to me thinks they may have COVID-19?

If an employee is sick, it is essential that supervisors express concern for the employee’s well-being and advise the employee to stay home and isolate. Supervisors should advise the employee immediately to contact by phone their primary care provider, or if they are seriously ill, contact by phone an emergency medical care provider. Employees should also be asked to fill out a Positive Case Communication form to assist in contact tracing. This form can be found here. They should always call before going into the clinic or an emergency clinic. If the employee does not have a primary care health care provider, they can contact Student Health Services or the local county health department in the community in which they reside for referrals. Employees who have been on-site at an OSU location in the previous 14 days are required to inform OSU. If the employee reports a positive test result, and they have been on-site within the previous 14 days, notification of close contacts and any affected employees is required. Information about this process can be found on the supervisor resource page.

Last Modified: 
February 26, 2021