What should I do if other people aren’t wearing face coverings?

Faculty, staff and students should feel empowered to request from their supervisors and professors that others comply with public health measures, including the use of face coverings. If you are comfortable doing so, you may ask someone who isn’t wearing a face covering if they are aware of the OSU face covering policy requirement.

Additionally, please let a supervisor or faculty member know if someone is not wearing a face covering, and they can inquire if the individual meets an exception to the policy (exceptions include medical conditions that prohibit the use of face coverings or the inability to remove a covering without assistance — see the face covering policy for the full list of exceptions). No one should be asked to share what exception they meet. It is prohibited for any individual to be restricted access or participation based on not wearing a face covering, if the individual states that they are aware of this policy, and they meet an exception.

If an individual becomes disruptive when asked to wear a face covering, it is appropriate to ask them to leave. If the situation escalates, it is appropriate to contact the Department of Public Safety for assistance.

Last Modified: 
July 22, 2020