If registered as an Ecampus student, my understanding is that out-of-state tuition does not apply. Is Ecampus an option our student can take for the fall term, and then revert back to on-campus in the winter or spring (whenever campus is open again)? Or is Ecampus more of a permanent online experience vs the scenario we are in for now?

Students may enroll in Ecampus courses regardless of the campus where they are officially enrolled.  However, students that change their campus to Ecampus are not allowed to receive institutional scholarships awarded to them as Corvallis- or Cascades-based students.  So, while you might choose to enroll via Ecampus to save some money this term, it would not benefit you long term if you wish to enroll on campus when it opens fully because you will have forfeited your campus-based scholarship.

Last Modified: 
August 17, 2020