How will tuition rates work for completely remote classes?

OSU is not adjusting its tuition rates, and student leaders are not considering an adjusted student fee rate during the 2021 winter or spring terms

Keep in mind that remote courses and Ecampus courses are not the same, including the per-credit cost.

  • Remote instruction features synchronous classes held at the same time as would occur in person. Faculty provide instruction and labs with remote conferencing.
  • Online learning via Ecampus is asynchronous. Students can engage Ecampus learning at any time, day or night. Ecampus does not feature faculty providing instruction with remote conferencing tools.

Corvallis campus students may take courses specifically offered through Ecampus at Ecampus rates without switching their campus. Additionally, in-state tuition is subsidized via taxes paid by Oregon residents via the legislature. Thus, out-of-state students are not eligible for this subsidy.

Last Modified: 
February 26, 2021