Will some of the remote classes be moved to Ecampus classes automatically or is this something students will need to change in their schedule to achieve a reduced cost for out of state tuition?

Courses will not move from Corvallis campus to Ecampus, but the method of delivery may change (to remote).  Corvallis campus students may enroll in Ecampus courses, however, without changing their campus.  This would impact their overall cost because of the difference in per-credit costs.  However, if a student changes their campus to Ecampus (all courses taught via Ecampus), they will lose any scholarships awarded to them as new incoming Corvallis or Cascades campus students.  This would result in paying more in the long term for many students. Keep in mind remote learning and Ecampus are not the same.

  • Remote instruction features synchronous classes held at the same time as would occur in person. Faculty provide instruction and labs with remote conferencing.
  • Online learning via Ecampus is asynchronous. Students can engage Ecampus learning at any time, day or night. Ecampus does not feature   faculty providing instruction with remote conferencing tools.
Last Modified: 
August 17, 2020