How soon can I get a COVID-19 vaccine? I heard educators will be among those prioritized to receive a vaccine. Does that include OSU faculty?

When you will have access to the vaccine will be based on the phased sequencing plan designed by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) Vaccine Advisory Group. Health care workers, long-term care residents, and others who have the potential for direct or indirect contact with COVID-19 patients or infectious materials are prioritized first in the state’s Phase 1a distribution plan. Subsequent groups in Phase 1b include those who are 65 and older, child care and pre-school workers, and K-12 school educators and school district staff. 

OSU will not be distributing vaccines directly to employees or students. Nor does the university have the discretion to determine specifically who next will be getting the vaccine. OSU is providing input to state and local public health authorities to help guide vaccination sequencing and the determination of which employee roles and health conditions suggest inclusion in a given distribution phase. The university believes those who have highest risk based on on-site job duties, underlying conditions and health equity considerations should be prioritized to be vaccinated.  

In Benton County, we understand front-line critical workers are expected to include OSU employees who are currently required to work on-site to support operations essential to the delivery of university functions, such as housing and food service, research, education and extension activities. It is important to note that the timing for vaccine access to additional priority groups and the general public will be contingent on the supply of vaccines from the federal government. OSU will work closely with local public health authorities to support the notification of eligible employees and students.  

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January 15, 2021