What is the university’s guidance if an employee does not get vaccinated or does not wish to return to on-site work, but their supervisor determines that on-site work is required?

Within the context of the university’s term-by-term planning and operational levels, when a business need exists for an employee to return to on-site work, supervisors may require that they return. It is recommended that supervisors carefully consider the work being completed, and the ability to effectively complete the work remotely versus on-site. If helpful, an employee and supervisor may also engage Employee and Labor Relations by contacting [email protected]) to facilitate a review as to whether work can be performed remotely versus on-site.

If employees need an accommodation related to their work location, workspace and COVID-19 concerns, they can speak with the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access (EOA) to engage in the interactive process around an accommodation request. Accommodation requests can be submitted at the EOA website here.

Last Modified: 
February 10, 2021