Should air purifiers or fans be used? I want to purchase an air cleaner for my office, what should I purchase?

The installation of an air cleaner does not provide sufficient protection from the COVID-19 virus alone. Facilities Services does not recommend the installation of these units campus-wide due to numerous concerns about safety and efficacy. Certain technologies within commercially available air cleaning units may actually be harmful if not operated or installed correctly. Additionally, some buildings have limited electrical service capacity and the operation of these types of units could trip electrical service breakers, causing a loss of power.


Installation of these units may be appropriate in areas that include all of the following: there is no make-up air (just recirculating air), no operable windows, small spaces (<300 SF), and high-risk spaces due to specific space use or occupancy limitations for physical distancing. However, office and conference spaces that meet these criteria should not be used as meeting space for  more than one person.


If you believe that an air purifier is needed in your space:

  • Contact the Work Coordination Center so that your space can be assessed for appropriateness and electrical service capacity.
  • Ensure approval from your Building Manager.
Last Modified: 
April 23, 2021