Should air cleaners or purifiers be used in my office, and what should I buy?

An air cleaner does not provide sufficient protection from the COVID-19 virus alone, and Facilities Services does not recommend the installation of these units campus-wide. Certain technologies within commercially available air cleaners may be harmful if not operated or installed correctly, so it is important to review and follow the operating instructions. Additionally, some buildings have limited electrical service capacity, and the operation of air purifiers could trip electrical service breakers, causing a loss of power.

Air purifiers may be appropriate in areas that include all of the following: no make-up air (just recirculating air); no windows that can be opened and closed; small spaces (<300 SF); and areas with constraints on the ability to physically distance.

If you believe that an air purifier is needed in your space, please follow the below process:

  1. Review OSU’s Energy Consumption Rule for guidelines surrounding these appliances.
  2. Receive approval from your building manager to use the air purifier.
  3. Receive approval and index number for purchasing the air purifier from your department or unit (air purifiers must be OSU-owned property). 
  4. Submit a request with building manager approval and index number to the Work Coordination Center. OSU electricians will assess the space to determine if it aligns with the building’s electrical load before purchasing and installing equipment.
Last Modified: 
December 10, 2021