Why does the weekly testing requirement for Corvallis and Cascades campuses only apply to those who are unvaccinated since vaccinated people can still get and spread COVID-19?

Health authorities have concluded that the COVID-19 vaccination is highly effective at protecting against contracting COVID-19, as well as serious symptoms requiring hospitalization for those who do get infected. Health authorities and experts have also concluded that fully vaccinated people have a far less probability of being infected.

Nationally, as of Sept. 2021, the share of all newly infected individuals among those fully vaccinated ranges from 5.1% in Arkansas to 0.15% in Connecticut. Perhaps even more compelling is looking at the total number of fully vaccinated individuals who end up having breakthrough infections. In Oregon’s latest report (August 26), cumulatively only 0.41% of all fully vaccinated Oregon residents (2.38 million at the time) had a breakthrough infection.

Further, recent studies and a CDC report also indicate that fully vaccinated people will likely spread the virus for less time than unvaccinated people. By requiring those who are unvaccinated to get tested weekly, we will be able to identify and isolate cases much sooner among individuals who are most likely to transmit the virus and become significantly ill, leading to a decrease in case rates and hospitalization. 

Last Modified: 
September 7, 2021