What guidance can I provide to employees who are trying to navigate child care issues during COVID-19?

Should families have transitional needs for flexibility in the workplace related to securing childcare arrangements heading into fall term 2021, they should discuss these needs with their supervisor. Supervisors may support short-term employee needs associated with organizing for childcare arrangements on a situational basis.

The university recognizes that OSU parents may need to keep children home due to required quarantine or isolation protocols within K-12 schools. This may require an OSU parent or guardian to stay home to provide care.

OSU is providing faculty, staff, graduate assistants and student employees an additional block of 80 hours of paid COVID-19 leave pro-rated based on FTE. This block of leave is intended to support employees at this new stage of the pandemic. This leave may be utilized Sept. 16, 2021, through June 30, 2022. It may only be used for the following reasons:

  • Time off for the employee to quarantine or isolate as outlined in the OSU Quarantine and Isolation guidelines.
  • Time off to care for a family member who is required to quarantine or isolate.


Remote work arrangements during this time may also be appropriate depending on the situation and as arranged between the employee and their supervisor.

As a reminder, the university does not support introducing children into OSU work environments during COVID-19. Bringing children, even older teenagers, to work is not an acceptable child care strategy. During Covid-19, supervisors are not authorized to approve such arrangements.

The OSU Family Resource Center on the Corvallis campus is available for consultation regarding child care arrangements. Additional information provided by the Oregon Department of Education Early Learning Division can be found at the Oregon Early Learning website.

OSU’s new employee assistance program Beyond Benefits also can help.

Please contact [email protected] with additional questions.

Last Modified: 
September 17, 2021