Dear Colleagues,

Oregon OSHA recently issued OAR 437-001-0744 Temporary Rule Addressing COVID-19 Workplace Risks. This new rule applies to all employees working in places of employment subject to Oregon OSHA’s jurisdiction which includes Oregon State University (OSU).

The requirements of the new rule are applicable to all workplaces as summarized in Oregon OSHA Fact Sheet 1 and Fact Sheet 2.  Although there are a few new requirements, many of the requirements of the new temporary rule are covered by existing OSU COVID-19 policies and procedures.

Two of the new requirements which became effective on 12/7/2020 include conducting an Exposure Risk Assessment and implementing an Infection Control Plan. Employers with 10 or more employees or “an exceptional risk workplace” must document in writing their COVID-19 risk assessment and infection control plan.  Exceptional risk workplaces will be contacted separately with additional requirements.

OSU’s Exposure Risk Assessment and Infection Control Plan are combined into one plan. Please become familiar with this plan.  If you have additional site-specific exposure risk assessment or infection control concerns that are particular to your workplace and are not covered in this plan, speak with your supervisor.  Site-specific risk assessment and infection control measures may be covered in college-, department-, unit- or laboratory-specific resumption plans or other COVID-19 plans particular to your workplace.       

Please contact Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) with any questions you may have concerning requirements of the new OSHA temporary rule.  Thank you for your attention to this new rule. 

Tom Doyle

Director, EH&S

December 14, 2020