OSU faculty, staff and students,

I am writing to update you regarding the university’s plans to open our campuses for in-person teaching for the last few weeks of summer and fall terms, as well as plans for statewide facilities that support research, operations, and OSU Extension and outreach programming.

We anticipate a phased reopening of university campuses and facilities as early as late May or early June. Yet, we are planning for other schedules as well. 

This plan includes multiple strategies for gradually returning to on-site activities over a number of phases.

Ultimately, OSU’s reopening strategy will be dependent upon the ongoing status of COVID-19 in the counties where the university operates. These criteria include a downward trend of COVID-19 flu-like symptoms and cases locally, and local community health care capacity to manage ongoing COVID-19 cases and provide for a potential surge of cases.

Plans for a phased reopening are intended to enable students to return to learn and live on our campuses in Corvallis and Bend. And for employees – now working at home – to return on-site. Not every employee will return to work on-site at once. Even as we reopen, physical and social distancing measures and other public health measures for students, employees and visitors will be required. Over time, these measures may be relaxed, such as the number of people within a classroom, lab or at an event. 

With that in mind:

  • Our reopening plan is student-centered and will assure the greatest level of choice and flexibility to support student learning success.
  • Colleagues throughout the university are developing phased reopening plans specific to research and OSU Extension and outreach programs.
  • Each university location will have flexibility to operate within reopening plan while meeting university and state requirements.

Early next week, we will provide a detailed overview of this plan to members of the university community.

I ask that each of us do our best in these challenging times to remain safe, assist others and participate fully in plans to enable the university to resume its teaching, research and outreach in what undoubtedly will be a new-normal future.


Edward J. Ray

Oregon State University    

May 1, 2020