The OSU COVID-19 response team is hosting a meeting for students, faculty and staff Thursday, March 12, to update the university community about work in progress to respond to the global health situation. The meeting will be livestreamed and take place from 11-11:50 LINC 128.

Presenters include Dan Larson, vice provost for student affairs, who is leading OSU’s COVID-19 response, and Steve Clark, vice president of university relations and marketing.

Viewing via the livestream is encouraged. The livestream will be available at The recorded video will be posted on the COVID-19 website.

If you choose to attend, please practice social distancing and spread out as much as possible in LINC 128. Organizers also are offering an alternative location to view the livestream in the Memorial Union Multipurpose Room 13, which will be configured to promote social distancing. Please remember to wash your hands before arriving if you choose to attend the meeting in person.

March 11, 2020