I have applied for Optional Practical Training, what should I do now?

Pending Applications: Continue monitoring the OSU COVID-19 updates as well as your mail and email for updates regarding the status of your application from USCIS. We do not recommend students travel internationally when their Post-Completion application is pending with USCIS. We always recommend students remain in the US until their application has been approved since the immigration service could request information from you during the process, and an EAD card is required when returning to US after program completion.

EAD card received, but no job offer: Fast-changing travel restrictions may make travel during this time challenging. If you must travel please speak with an international student adviser prior to departure. It is advisable to have proof of your employment search and financial documentation with you. Keep in mind that you are allowed only 90 days of unemployment while on OPT.

EAD card received with job offer: Please work directly with your employer if you have questions or concerns related to your employment and COVID-19

I am on OPT but my place of work is closed: Please contact OIS to schedule a phone appointment with an international student advisor.

Last Modified: 
July 9, 2020