I'm asking my advisees to meet with me remotely. How do I ensure I maintain FERPA protections?

We ask that you use the tools licensed for University use as much as possible. Zoom requires users to sign-in through authentication, which meets FERPA standards. If there are no reasonable ways for your advisee to use Zoom and you must do a phone appointment, please confirm the student's identity by asking 3 non-directory information questions you can ask based on the information available to you in MyDegrees. Examples:  What is a class you are registered for this term? What grade did you receive in XXX last term? What is your GPA? What is a course you transferred from XXXX College?

You may meet with an advisee who is in the presence of others. The student must use discretion regarding their privacy and meeting remotely. 

Last Modified: 
June 30, 2020