If an employee needs to set up home internet to work remotely, is that an expense units can reimburse them for while they work remotely during COVID-19?

Yes, the cost of internet for employees who don’t otherwise have an internet connection can be paid for with university funds for the monthly periods that employees are required to work from home in accordance with OSU COVID-19 guidance. However, prior to purchasing home internet services for their staff, supervisors should first consider the feasibility of accessing a local hotspot or obtaining “free or discounted internet” for their staff that may be available from various internet service providers (ISP) as part of their public response to COVID-19. For more information on these options see this article. For general information about working from home, please visit the COVID-19 Safety & Success for Employees website. Visit the Information Services page on internet and cell phones for more details. 

Last Modified: 
March 5, 2021