I’m placing orders that support virtual learning and/or remote work and I need to have the items delivered to a remote location. How do I facilitate that when placing an order?

For orders being placed by Purchase Order, use the Special Address function in BennyBuy, this will allow you to create a free-form ship-to address.  Please include in an internal note the reason for shipping to your home. To add an internal note, please consult the adding attachment tip-sheet  If a ship-to location must be changed on an existing PO, that PO will need to be cancelled and recreated using the alternate ship-to address.  Prior to cancelling, please contact the supplier to ensure the order has not shipped. 

If ordering smaller, miscellaneous purchases by P-Card, the ship-to address may simply be provided at the time of order.  This is also the case when using other methods of ordering, however BennyBuy and using the P-Card are the preferred methods of purchasing items.

Delivery of hazardous materials to a residence is not allowed.

In all cases, University purchases establish OSU's ownership of the goods purchased.  Those goods must be consumed for University purposes and/or returned to the University for further use.


Last Modified: 
March 31, 2020