Should I record all lectures given through zoom?

Class sections taught remotely should meet via Zoom at the scheduled time, and the expectation is that students will be attending class in this fashion. In Zoom, sessions can be recorded. Zoom produces a file that can be linked to Canvas. (Note that this file is very large, and should not be emailed.) In this way, anyone who missed class or wishes to review can watch the video later. Faculty are encouraged to provide other content on Canvas that helps students, but Zoom meetings at the scheduled time should anchor remote teaching. If the same course is taught via Ecampus and have already prerecorded lectures, these are fine to use as long as you attend via Zoom during class time for questions and supplemental instruction. In recent surveys, OSU students indicated that recordings of lectures were helpful to them, such as to review a confusing concept or if a technical issue caused them to miss a few minutes of the live class.


Last Modified: 
February 26, 2021