The university announced “OSU-provided 80 hours of paid COVID-19 leave.” What does this mean for the employees on my grant?

Eighty hours of paid leave is federally mandated. Eighty hours of leave is available to all OSU employees, regardless of the funding source that provides salary (e.g. state funding, grant funding, gift or alternative funding). Individuals paid on grants will be entitled to the leave in the same way as other OSU employees, and their salary should continue to be charged to the grant and other indices per allowability guidelines regardless of usage of COVID leave or other leave. 


If an alternative funding mechanism materializes at a future date, we will assist in moving labor charges as appropriate, but no such funding mechanism is currently available.


The total amount of COVID-19 leave hours will be pro-rated by FTE or average hours worked for part time employees.

Last Modified: 
March 5, 2021