The Continuity Management Team was commissioned by Provost Feser March 2020 to provide daily operational oversight of OSU’s pandemic response. As of June 2021, with the development of OSU’s Pathway to Fall plan, and with the significant ongoing improvements in public health conditions, we are well on our way to fully resuming on-site and in-person operations. As such, we are transitioning from an emphasis on operational planning to monitoring the return process. As part of this shift, the CMT is replaced with a smaller group—the Pathway Steering Team—comprised of representatives of major domains and functions across the university. The Pathway Team will be led by Vice Provost Dan Larson, who will continue serving as OSU’s Coronavirus Response Coordinator.

Pathway Steering Team

Structure Effective October 2021
Meeting Time: Wednesday, 8:30 – 9:30am
Meeting Frequency: Once/month

  1. Assist university transition to primary onsite and in-person activity using the Pathway to Fall as guide.
  2. Ensure adherence to university, state, and federal pandemic reopening frameworks.
  3. Assist university colleges, units, and divisions in successfully implementing respective unit strategies in keeping with overall university strategy.
  4. Identify and respond to emerging issues that need attention.
  5. Lead communication and engagement with stakeholders.




Dan Larson

VPSA/Coronavirus Response Coordinator

Lead:  COVID-19 Response Administration

Anita Azarenko

Interim VPOE


Dan Bartholomae

Executive Deputy Athletic Director


Steve Clark



Kevin Dougherty

Associate Vice Provost and Dean of Students

Student Life

Adam Drey

SA Comm. & Mktg., Coronavirus Response Support

COVID-19 Response Administration

Alix Gitelman

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education


Becca Gose OSU General Counsel Legal and Policy Compliance

Cathy Hasenpflug

Chief Human Resources Officer


Jenny Haubenreiser

AVP Health and Wellbeing DSA

Public Health

Selina Heppel

Faculty Senate President

Faculty Governance

Rebecca Mathern Associate Provost, Enrollment Mgmt. & Registrar Policy Compliance and Education

Paul Odenthal

SAVP for Administration


Kelly Sparks

AVP OSU-Cascades

Cascades Campus

Chris Viggiani Associate Vice President for Research Research


Engagement Leads

Identifies who is responsible for keeping units and stakeholders (beyond obvious audiences) informed and represents the needs and interests of those groups.



Representation & Engagement Responsibilities

Cathy Hasenpflug

Employee Relations/Unions, Culture of Care workgroup

Dan Larson

University leadership, OGC, OPU COVID leads, HECC

Alix Gitelman

Colleges, Registrar’s Office

Kevin Dougherty

Student Services (student affairs, academic advisors, etc.)

Paul Odenthal

Finance and Administration units, UIT

Chris Viggiani

HMSC, research stations