The Oregon State University Pledge: Stay on track to graduate

OSU will assure that all undergraduate and graduate OSU students who are on an approved pathway to complete their requirements to graduate at the end of spring or summer terms in 2020 – and whose graduation is impeded by OSU’s COVID-19 instructional delivery changes – will receive a scholarship to cover the additional tuition needed to complete their remaining credits in a subsequent term. Scholarships will be available for up to 8 credit hours and may be expanded as resources allow.

To learn about how we are supporting your needs, please click on the appropriate listing below:

If you were on track to graduate by the end of summer term 2020 and your graduation is impeded by Oregon State’s COVID-19 response, you will receive academic support, such as finding equivalent courses for substitution, to complete your degree requirements this summer or a scholarship to cover tuition for up to 8 remaining credits in a subsequent term. 

To request support through the OSU pledge, you must have a fully approved program of study on file by July 14. Then ask your advisor to send an email by August 31 to, with (a) your name and OSU ID; (b) explanation as to how you were impacted by COVID-19 and OSU’s response; (c) evidence that you were on track to complete in summer term; (d) description of any efforts the advisor or the department/school/college made to ameliorate the situation (e.g., reopening the lab with appropriate distancing). If at all possible, tuition for GAs should be covered by the employing unit (GTAs) or grant (GRAs).

For more coronavirus information and updates specific to graduate students, please visit the Graduate School’s coronavirus webpage.


The Office of the Registrar, your college and academic advisors are in the process of determining if your expected graduation may be impacted by OSU’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. You do not have to do anything at this point.

Here are the steps that we took for Spring 2020 graduation candidates:

  • For students eligible to graduate in June, we reviewed your spring course schedule as of Friday March 27.
  • We compared each student’s schedule with spring term courses that were canceled or did not meet academic requirements due to the university’s COVID-19 response.
  • We sent lists of impacted students (and the problematic courses) to their academic advisors for review.

If you believe your Summer 2020 graduation may be impacted

Colleges are reviewing any courses that were canceled during summer term to determine if this affected any students’ ability to graduate. If that is the case, affected students will be contacted by mid-summer to coordinate next steps to assist those students. We are able to consider support for up to 8 credits of coursework required for Summer 2020 graduation. Please note: You will only receive this particular notice if your expected summer 2020 graduation is impacted.  If you feel you are unable to graduate due to remote instruction, please inform us via this survey.