Research, scholarship and innovation activities are vital to the mission of Oregon State University. Although much of this work at OSU is decentralized, the current public health crisis requires increased levels of collaboration and coordination. This will ensure the continuity and resilience of the OSU research enterprise in the face of current and future challenges.

The values outlined by the OSU Task Force for Research Continuity and Resilience provide the foundation to re-engage the university’s research enterprise. For more information about the university’s resumption plans, see OSU’s Pandemic Resumption Plan.

Note that it is the responsibility of principal investigators to ensure that all research activities adhere to standards outlined by:

Environmental Health and Safety, including additional guidance related to COVID-19.

If research involves human participants, regulated animals, work conducted while boating or diving, or travel, these additional considerations apply:

  • OSU Human Research Protection Program
  • OSU Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  • OSU Biosafety committee
  • OSU Scientific Boating and Diving Programs or other guidance related to research on vessels
  • OSU Research Travel guidance

Who fills out the form?

  • This form can be filled out by a Principal Investigator (PI) and include information about their whole research program. Alternately, a group of PIs can choose to fill out a common form for a particular research activity that they carry out together (e.g. a field research program, or work that is carried out in a common space).
  • Researchers who are affiliated with a college (including centers and institutes that are housed in colleges) and are interested in resuming activities that are carried out in spaces under the purview of their college will seek approval from college leadership (dean or a delegate such as an Associate Dean for Research). Similarly, those associated with a center or institute who will be using facilities associated with that center or institute will seek approval from the Research Office leadership (VPR or a delegate). Researchers who are primarily affiliated with a specific college/center/institute but require access to facilities associated with a different college/ center/institute must work with both leadership entities and receive approval from leadership associated with both units.
  • Note that the approval form and instructions only pertain to research currently on hold because this research cannot be performed without access to OSU facilities currently closed or to off campus locations currently prohibited. Research underway at home or previously approved as critical research may continue.

Resumption Request Form