We recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic has created financial uncertainty for many of our students. Oregon State University is here to help you learn about federal and local resources that provide financial support. Please contact Student Care via text or Zoom if you need assistance navigating university resources.

Financial Aid Assistance

The Office of Financial Aid is available to help you navigate emergency funding and financial aid. If you have not already, please complete the FAFSA form for 2020-2021 and then review with the Office of Financial Aid. You are also encouraged to contact the financial aid office if you or a family member lose employment or have a significant change in your economic resources.

Grocery Assistance (SNAP)

Many college students are eligible for the federal Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, SNAP, which provides up to $194 per month in grocery assistance funds. Undergraduate students who are U.S. permanent residents are encouraged to apply. Learn about SNAP and get help applying from the Human Services Resource Center.

Human Services Resource Center

The Human Services Resource Center (HSRC) has a broad range of resources to assist students. HSRC staff will work to help you find a solution if you need a laptop or textbooks; are worried about making your rent payment; or face other unexpected financial challenges.

Unemployment Benefits

Under the expanded unemployment program during the COVID-19 pandemic, students may be eligible for unemployment benefits. If you have lost a job or experienced a significant cut to work hours you may want to apply. Visit the HSRC’s student unemployment FAQs for eligibility information and application support.

Financial Education

The Center for Advancing Financial Education (CAFE) supports students by offering one-on-one advising, financial literacy courses, workshops and self-study Canvas modules. CAFE can help you learn about financial resources, how to create a budget and ways to save.