A high rate of vaccination among our students, faculty and staff supports the safety and well-being of our community and the communities in which we operate, especially as we engage in in-person learning, research, and outreach.

Upload or update your vaccination records:

NEW — Booster requirement: On Dec. 28, 2021, the university announced that COVID-19 booster shots would be required as part of its Vaccination Program Requirement. OSU requires that all students and employees not eligible for an exemption be up-to-date on their vaccination sequences. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) defines being up-to-date as having received a booster or a second vaccine dose of Moderna within the past six months; a booster or second dose of the Pfizer vaccine within the past five months; or receipt of an initial dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine within the past two months.

All OSU students and employees who are currently eligible for their booster must be up-to-date with their COVID-19 vaccine doses by Feb. 15, 2022. Please upload your proof of up-to-date vaccination on SHS’s secure Patient Portal. OSU students and employees who are not yet eligible for boosters are required to obtain their booster within 30 days after becoming eligible. Visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website to learn more about booster eligibility.

Updated for OSU Employees: 

On Oct. 27, 2021, we announced revisions to our vaccination program due to  White House Executive Order 14042 on Sept. 9, 2021.  The Executive Order was directed at federal contractors, which includes OSU, making Jan. 4, 2022, the new deadline for our employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.  Our OSU COVID-19 Vaccination Program Requirement continues to require that you upload your proof of vaccination to the secure portal by midnight on Jan. 4, 2022. Updated requests for exceptions should already be in process (or submitted ASAP). Please contact [email protected] with questions.

Recent federal Executive Order 14042 required all federal contractors and subcontractors have a fully vaccinated workforce to fight COVID-19, among other public health measures. The Safer Federal Workforce Task Force subsequently issued guidance to federal contractors on how to implement this new, expansive order. Although the vaccine requirement aspect of the Executive Order is paused nationwide as of Dec. 7, 2021 (due to an order by a federal judge in Georgia) we anticipate this pause is temporary and OSU will need to be ready for compliance. Other parts of the Order and guidance that required a federal contractor workplace to have unvaccinated employees wear face coverings and to physically distance. These requirements presuppose that OSU is aware of the vaccination status of our workforce, including student-workers. For these reasons, and in light of the prevalence and severity of the Delta variant and future variants that will pose risks to our community, OSU is planning to stay the course on its current COVID-19 vaccinations policy.  If we make any changes, for example due to further federal court activity or guidance from the Task Force that impacts OSU policy, we will communicate about any revised expectations.  Please continue to follow public health strategies to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your community. The work you do on behalf of the students and communities we serve is important – as are you.

The updated OSU COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement applies to all university employees, full-time or part-time, including but not limited to academic faculty, professional faculty, academic wage appointments, classified staff, graduate assistants, and student employees, though exceptions are allowed when based on (1) medical or disability reasons or (2) sincerely held religious beliefs.

Formal compliance measures based on individuals’ status with the updated OSU COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement, per the Oct. 27, 2021 message, will not be in effect prior to Jan. 4, 2022. Employees who are neither fully vaccinated nor approved under an exception process must continue testing weekly until further notice.

Employee Questions

Do you work outside of the State of Oregon?  Please contact [email protected] with details of your location.

For other questions, we also encourage you to review answers on our Frequently Asked Questions website.

Exceptions for Medical and Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs

Employees (including Student Employees)

If applicable, you can apply for an exception for medical reasons or due to a sincerely held religious belief beginning Friday, Oct. 29, 2021. You will need to complete new exception forms provided on the Student Health Services COVID-19 Immunization Requirements website.

Medical exceptions for employees are done through Oregon Health Authority forms that must be signed by a medical practitioner and will be verified by OSU’s Occupational Medicine program within Student Health Services. Exception requests based on religious beliefs will be verified by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access.  Requests for exceptions for medical or disability reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs are encouraged to be submitted as early as possible, and be submitted no later than Dec. 6 to allow time to become fully vaccinated if the exception request is denied. If an employee fails to comply with the OSU vaccination program, Employee and Labor Relations (ELR) will work directly with the supervisor to engage in an individualized plan of progressive discipline.


Students who are not OSU employees  may continue to claim a philosophical exception in alignment with OHA rules for students.



Law Enforcement Professionals (per ORS 433.416).


Students who are not university employees and whose courses are entirely online and involve no in-person engagement with individuals outside of their households, as long as they do not otherwise engage in any in-person university-sponsored activity. Note: If students engage in-person with individuals outside of their households as part of their coursework or university-sponsored activity, the student requirement applies regardless of whether OSU owns or manages the property where the in-person engagement takes place.

Testing requirements

  • Anyone with an exception or non-compliance will be required to test for COVID-19 weekly and may be subject to other requirements under an accommodation plan.
  • Employees and students who are in the process of becoming fully vaccinated are required to test weekly until they are fully vaccinated, which is two weeks after their last dose.

Student Requirement

Effective Sept. 15, 2021, Oregon State University required students who work, learn or engage with others in-person as part of their academic experience to be fully vaccinated from COVID-19. An individual is fully vaccinated when they have received both doses of (1) a World Health Organization approved two-dose COVID-19 vaccine or (2) an FDA-approved or authorized double dose vaccine (or one dose of an FDA-authorized single-dose vaccine), and at least 14 days have passed since the individual’s final dose of COVID-19 vaccine. OSU students who are required to comply with OSU’s Vaccination Program; work or study on the Corvallis or Bend campus; and who meet an exception not to be vaccinated will be required to test for COVID-19 weekly. Students who are in the process of becoming fully vaccinated are required to test weekly until they are fully vaccinated – two weeks after their last dose.

The OSU COVID-19 Vaccination Requirement applies to all university students unless exempted or excluded from this requirement.